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Brazilian Wax: What's All The Buzz About Hair Removal? The Beauty Trend That Has Become A Routine

What exactly is a Brazilian wax? "Everyone has a different definition of Brazilian," Coba said. "At EWC, our meaning of a Brazilian is guests can do as much or little as they want in the front, but it also includes the back area - meaning the butt strip." It's clear the Brazilian is now a beauty staple. "Over 80% of our clients are regulars, who come religiously," Coba revealed. "The Brazilian wax is part of their basic beauty regimen - and for many, it's not even about beauty; it's about grooming and hygiene." What is even more interesting is that the wax expert said that whether or not women get a full wax depends on the current "hair trend." Yes, there are actually trends for the hairs downstairs.

My first Brazilian wax

Yes, hon, two. Why? RIIIIPPP! I weep quietly. Having them, I sputter, Better or worse than the pain of this? I ask through clenched teeth. She lets out a huge belly laugh. Oh hon, this is nothing compared to that, she says, sloshing on more wax.

Spa Worker Says She Was Fired For Refusing Brazilian Wax As Part Of Training

In the lawsuit filed in federal court last week, Jennifer Finley, 35, says a corporate trainer from her waxing chain, the European Wax Center, told her and her colleagues in October that they would have to perform the bikini wax treatment on one another. After declining, Finley says she brazilian wax before and after photos tumblr was immediately terminated. Her lawyer, Vincent Mersich, told HuffPost that Finley was unaware of the alleged requirement until she was ordered to undergo the bikini wax, an often uncomfortable procedure that removes most pubic hair. Mersich claimed the firing amounts to wrongful termination as well as gender discrimination, since Finley maintains that only women were ordered to take part. Not only was his client ordered to undergo what can be a painful procedure, Mersich maintained, she was also being asked to expose herself to colleagues. "It's the sort of thing we don't think an employer should have the ability to control with respect to their employees," Mersich said. "They can't expect them to be comfortable exposing their anus and genitalia to coworkers ... or to perform that waxing on their coworkers.

Ouch! Spa sued over Brazilian wax training

File photo of a woman getting a hot wax treatment (© Image Source/Getty Images) A spa in Pittsburgh felt it wasn't a whole lot to ask, and it required all of its new employees to have a Brazilian wax performed on them by another staff member. One employee from Western Pennsylvania didn't like the idea of exposing herself to coworkers and subjecting herself to the painful process, so she balked at the European Wax Center's request in October. She was fired immediately. The former employee, 35-year-old Jennifer Finley, has since filed suit against the waxing chain, according to The Huffington Post , claiming that the procedure would have been "painful, humiliating, embarrassing and discriminatory." In Finley's view, her firing amounts to both wrongful termination and gender discrimination -- since only female employees were required to take part. While Finley would have been subjected to what every one of her and the European Wax Center's clients has to go through -- mainly, exposing your most sensitive of nether regions to strangers and allowing them to perform an agonizing procedure in the name of beauty -- her lawyer says it's the people who would have performed the procedure on Finley who presented a problem.

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