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Breaking: The Hidden Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal

E-mail Address Send to a Friend Chertsey, Surrey (PRWEB UK) 11 November 2013 Cosmetic dentist and aesthetics clinic Estetica have launched a special offer on their laser hair removal treatments for the month of November. Any customer booking an appointment before the end of November can get 20% off the cost of treatment at their Surrey-based cosmetic and dental clinic. This offer has been designed to help customers prepare for the festive party season as laser hair removal treatments are very effective at removing unwanted hairs from the legs, enabling customers to wear their party dresses with confidence this Christmas. Laser hair removal works by passing laser light through the skin, generating heat which will injure the hair follicle and inhibit future growth. Estetica are encouraging customers to book their treatments before the busy pre-Christmas rush by offering a 20% discount off the total price of laser hair removal treatments if booked before the end of November 2013. Estetica have invested considerably in the latest technology to enable their cosmetic professionals to deliver non-surgical procedures to complement their dental treatments. Director Sina Salimi said: aWe believe it's important to invest in the latest cosmetic treatment technology so that we can offer the best possible service to our customers. Our laser hair removal treatments are very popular and we want to offer a helping hand to clients in the expensive run up to Christmas by giving them a great discount off our treatment prices.a More information on this special laser hair removal offer can be found on the Estetica website. Read the full story at You May Also Be Interested In

Laser hair removal solutions

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Nonlaser Hair Removal Techniques

For many of us, laser hair removal is a popular alternative to such methods as waxing, plucking and shaving, especially in more sensitive areas of the body. Proceeding with realistic expectations is important. Laser hair removal does not immediately or permanently remove all hair treated. However, it will eliminate 70 to 90% of hair treated, and, with additional treatments carefully timed to stages of hair growth, the desired result will be reached in time. Using state-of-the-art laser technology your physician directs the highly concentrated light pulse which is absorbed by the hair. The heat is absorbed and damages the hair shaft and bulb, inhibiting its ability to regenerate, and the damaged hair is vacuumed away. For your safety and peace of mind, it is essential to carefully select the facility and professional carrying out any laser treatment, hair removal or otherwise. Each individuals body reacts differently to the effects of the laser pulse.

But the black plume that comes out [during the procedure] was unsettling. And I found all these chemicals that were shocking." He and his team discovered 300 different chemical compounds in the plume, 13 of which have been shown to be harmful to humans and animals, like benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and diethyl phthalate. These results are consistent with previous studies that demonstrated that using ablative CO2 lasers and heat cauterization in operating rooms releases mutagenic substances into the air . There are even documented cases of two health care workers contracting HPV of the throat, presumablyalthough it can't be conclusively provenfrom breathing in viral particles (ick factor alert!) that were released into the air after they assisted on genital laser surgeries . So we already know that laser .. [read more] skin procedures can release some nasty stuff into the environment. But what exactly are the health implications? Right now the biggest risk is potentially to the practitioners who perform these procedures and are exposed to the plumes frequently. It's important to note that no documented cases of cancer or other devastating illnesses have been associated with laser hair removal at this point, but it's something that the industry is just beginning to discuss. "A colleague mentioned that every time we had a hair removal, it seemed to trigger his asthma," Chuang told us.

Ideal Image Debuts New Laser Hair Removal Center in Grand Rapids

with future openings slated for the remainder of 2013 and into early 2014. "Our national expansion this year and latest opening in Grand Rapids supports the growing popularity of laser hair removal in all parts of the country," said Bruce Fabel, President of Ideal Image. "We are excited to be part of the Grand Rapids community and look forward to serving new guests who are seeking laser hair removal as a viable alternative to shaving, waxing, tweezing and other ways of ridding themselves of unwanted hair." It's always rewarding to hear about the life-changing results described in the testimonials we receive from our guests that support Ideal Image's company motto, which is to "Change Your Life Forever." Using laser hair removal instead of shaving, tweezing or waxing is an increasingly popular choice with many benefits. Among other superior results produced by laser procedures, the area of skin treated is left more uniformly soft and smooth. Additionally, the long-lasting results of laser hair removal save our clients the ongoing time and expense of the more traditional shave and tweeze methods. Ideal Image goes the extra mile to ensure its laser procedures are safe and comfortable and remain so. Staff responsible for administering the procedures is made up exclusively of highly trained medical professionals, including Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. In addition, personalized treatment plans are designed to optimally accommodate the different skin tones and hair characteristics of each guest. "We respect and appreciate that our guests take on the responsibility of treatment programs that may extend for as much as several months with as many as 5-9 sessions," said Jim Rush, National Sales Director for Ideal Image. "In return, we devote the full attention necessary to ensure completely individualized care for every guest we receive, and value the personal nature of each relationship." Technology in the laser hair removal industry is evolving quickly and demands constant focus to stay abreast of the latest development. Ideal Image steadfastly monitors for relevant new studies and evaluates each for the merits they introduce to the field. When an appealing new method or tool is identified for adoption, Ideal Image safeguards through its policy to use only FDA approved equipment.

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