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Laser, Razor, Or Brazilian Wax?

Types of wax used for brazilian waxing

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Wax On Wax Off: Brazilian Waxing

How to make your husband fall in love with you again Brazilian waxing has become quite popular with most of my friends here in Atlanta. If it is something you are considering but not sure how the process goes, let me tell you a little of what to expect. There are three different types of waxing techniques for that "oh so delicate" of areas. The American Wax: The hair is removed from the bikini area from the outer leg to just inside the leg line. The French Wax: The hair is removed from the bikini area and the labia. A "Landing Strip" is left at the top of the pubic bone.

Says Mulholland, aThere are only three things in your skin: dark things like melanin; red and brown things like your blood vessels and hemoglobin, and water. Choosing the right laser means using the best one to bypass hemoglobin and water, and head straight to the melanin, hair shaft and follicle.a Doing so eliminates the risk of scarring your skin. As for the rumour that laser hair removal smells bad? That oneas true. Lasering your hair means heating up your hair until it literally has no chance of reproducing and so it smells, essentially, like burnt hair. For men who hate their hairy shoulders or for women who wish to never shave their legs again, the stench is worth it - after five or so treatments youall prevent 90% of the hair from growing back, for life. The cost for laser hair removal varies, but you can be assured it is the highest of hair removal options. If neither waxing nor lasers align well with your pain tolerance or bank account, a good ola razor will still do the trick.

You also cant pull quite as quickly as the strip may break mid-removal. The chance for burns can be higher since this type of wax must be applied thicker and cant be removed instantly if it feels too warm. Other places use a soft wax, is applied first, then a cotton or pellon strip is placed on top for removal. This wax allows for fast waxing and quick removal which can minimize pain when done correctly. Theres no wait time for the wax to set up and larger sections can be done at a time. It also cools quickly, so assuming the wax isnt too hot coming out of the pot, the chance for burns tends to be less. The cons however for this wax are that this wax stays sticky until removed so extra care must be taken to protect (depending on your anatomy) your bits and pieces. This wax can also become tangled in longer hairs and resist removal. Its very important to pay attention to basic sanitation procedures at the spa you go to.

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