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No Brazilian Wax, No Job: Pittsburgh Spa Allegedly Fires Woman For Refusing To Get Waxed

The European Wax Center did not wish to chime in on the controversy when the Daily News asked for its perspective. Wall Street Wax -- Get ripped off without even leaving home. NRA Wax -- Wax doesn't rip pubes. People rip pubes. (And you review can have my pubes when you pull them from my cold, dead wax strip.) Japanese Bonsai Wax -- Keep waxing small amounts until you have a perfect miniature bush. Wikileaks Wax -- Scandalously reveals more than you even thought possible.

Jennifer Finley, 35, filed a lawsuit against the European Wax Center in Pittsburgh for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, gender discrimination and retaliation. No woman should be forced to have a Brazilian wax against her will and certainly no one should be fired for refusing to have one, Finley told the Daily News. Finley knew she would need to perform Brazilian waxes, the complete removal of the hair down there. But she says she felt humiliated last October when she was told it is a mandatory part of the salon's training. RELATED: PUBIC HAIR WAXING MAY LEAD TO SPREAD OF SKIN VIRUS: RESEARCHERS Finley did not want her coworkers to see or "touch her anus and genitalia," according to the complaint. "She did not feel comfortable receiving the procedure, particularly by her coworkers," her attorney Vincent J. Mersich reiterated. The European Wax Center did not wish to chime in on the controversy when the Daily News asked for its perspective. "She did view the dynamic of a professional-client relationship as different from one between coworkers." Finley was also scheduled to begin menstruating that day and anticipated heightened sensitivity in her nether region.

N.J. backs off 'Brazilian' wax ban

The state on Friday decided to reverse course on the proposal after angry salon owners complained about losing business ahead of swimsuit season. BETTER LIFE: More watercooler-worthy health news "It was an unnecessary issue," said spa owner Linda Orsuto. "In New Jersey especially, where the government has been picking our pockets for so long, it was like, 'Just stay out of our pants, will you?"' The state Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board proposed banning so-called "Brazilian" bikini waxing after two women were hospitalized for infections following the procedure. On Friday, Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman effectively killed the plan. In a letter to the board, Szuchman says he won't support the ban, and since his office oversees the board, the ban would never be approved. "Many commenters have noted that the procedure can be safely performed.

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