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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x – Trial Part I

Tria Laser Hair Removal - At Home System Melanocytes are cells in the body which create melanin, the substance responsible for skin and hair color. When melanocytes are stimulated, they group together and form color. If these cells group together in clusters on the skin, they form dark marks, or hyperpigmentation. Since the first laser was approved in 1995, cosmetic lasers have progressed into precision tools, making laser hair removal treatments much safer and more effective for ethnic skin tones (1). The Technique The laser hair removal technique, itself, is very simple. First, the skin to be treated is protected with a clear gel, typically, aloe vera. Then, the laser device is manipulated in such a way that the skin is cooled immediately before the laser is deployed at a particular place on the body.

Olive oil The levels are numbered 1-5, with 5 being the most intense. The higher the number, the better the results, so youll want to try to use the highest level you can tolerate. For me, level 3 was a piece of cake and 5 was way too painful. Level 4 was plenty intense, but the promise of less hair to deal with was a great motivator, and I winced my way through it. To activate the laser, simply place the treatment window on the area you want treat, which should be clean and freshly shaven. When the entire window is touching your skin, it will automatically deliver the laser pulse, and you will hear two beeps. Move the Tria over about of an inch and repeat. Continue until you have covered the entire area. The Tria Laser also comes with a handy guide to advise you how many pulses are most effective for the area you are treating, and there is a pulse counter on the device screen.

me smooth Professional At-Home Hair Removal Device Now Clinically Proven Effective on Face and Widest Range of Hair Colors

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Hair Removal Trends For Men

However, men have come a long way since the days of showing up to work in an unbuttoned button-down that revealed an army of hair fighting its way past the nape of their necks haven't they? While you likely won't go the Brazilian route, you might be surprised (or not) to hear that men are taking it off their body hair , that is. Is it weather-related? Is she hinting at it? Or, have you been curious about how you would look with less hair? Whatever the motivation, men have already arrived at this point. Between waxing, shaving , electrolysis, tweezing, trimming, and laser hair removal , men of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, and professions are getting rid of excess body hair. AskMen is here to help by bringing these hair removal trends for men to your attention.

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